Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Procedures


Costs & Medical Aid

Costs differ from patient to patient as the time spent in theatre determines the fee.

Whilst cost is a factor in deciding whether or not to proceed with any given operation, it is less important than having faith in the surgeon who is ultimately going to do the surgery.

  • R750
    (The first consultation is booked for 45 minutes. The fee is payable as a “once-off” payment with the first consultation. Payment can be either: cash, debit or credit card. This is regardless of whether you are on a medical aid scheme or not.)

    • R1870 (Glabellar Frown Lines)
    • R1870 (Crows Feet & Forehead)

    (PLEASE NOTE: Only the consumable cost as listed above. Should you wish to have a full consultation about breast or facial surgery in addition to the botox, both are billed, and 1 hour will be allocated. Botox is paid for immediately after the procedure. Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, this will need to be done prior to the procedure.)

    Procedure costs vary. After consultation, a quote will be sent to you. Procedures are quoted as a total all-inclusive cost. This includes all fees related to primary surgery done as a day case, and all normal aftercare, unless otherwise stipulated.

  • Please note that final quotes are only ever given after a full examination, since procedures will vary in extent from person to person.

    • Additional costs may include:
    • Overnight stay in hospital.
    • Pathologist’s fee for examining resected breast tissue.
    • Take home meds. A script will be given pre-operatively.
    • Pressure garments (used in Liposuction) bought separately.
    • Emergency return to the operating room for bleeding etc. This will cost extra.
    • Insurance is available via