Botox Demystified – Why it might be for you

Botox Demystified – Why it might be for you

Botox Demystified – Why it might be for you 464 304 Dr Liezl du Toit

Botox is one of the most popular treatments for a variety of reasons, but there are still a few misconceptions.

MYTH: The best time for Botox is when the lines appear
FACT: If you can get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run. Botox is being used more and more frequently by people trying to prevent wrinkles from forming. Waiting until lines become etched into the skin means it’s more difficult to smooth their appearance again. Botox is often used for lines and wrinkles formed by muscle movements like scowling, squinting, and raising eyebrows. By starting Botox early, people can prevent line formation.

MYTH: If you stop getting Botox, it will make your wrinkles worse
FACT: They’ll just go back to the way they were before. Botox will prevent your wrinkles from worsening while you keep up with your treatments. If you decide to stop having Botox treatments, you will slowly lose the relaxing effect of Botox and will resume the normal development of wrinkles with movement. Botox will not make wrinkles worse.

Botox results are not permanent. Results last typically last three to four months. For those who get injected at regular intervals over time, however, the results can sometimes last a little bit longer, since the muscles have been immobilised for a long period and can atrophy.

MYTH: Botox is just for wrinkles
FACT: Botox is not just cosmetic — Botox injections have been used to treat migraines by reducing muscle tension and creating less strain on the nervous system. Botox can also be used to temporarily block sweat glands to stop excessive sweating. It has many other medical applications.

MYTH: Botox is something only women get
FACT: Every year, it seems like more and more men are getting Botox, and it’s not necessarily the older men. I am seeing a lot of men who are having Botox treatments as early as in their 30s The average client usually isn’t “the stereotypical guy who really, really cares about grooming and exactly how he looks” Wrinkles can sometimes make men appear angry, not to mention older. Getting Botox can help “soften up” this look to just give a more approachable appearance.

So how does it work?

Nerve‐Muscle Communication is blocked.
Botox blocks the transmission of overactive nerve impulses to the targeted muscle by selectively preventing the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) at the neuromuscular junction, temporarily preventing muscle contraction. This is primarily a local effect.

How safe is it?

Botox injections are relatively safe when performed by an experienced doctor. The most common side effects include swelling or bruising at the injection site, headache or flu-like symptoms. If the injections aren’t placed correctly, the medication may spread into adjacent tissues and cause problems such as:

Eyelid droop
Cockeyed eyebrows
Crooked smile
Dry eye or excessive tearing
Select your doctor carefully

Botox must be used only under a doctor’s care. Look for a doctor who specialises in your condition and who has experience in administering Botox treatments. A skilled and properly certified doctor can advise you on the procedure and can help determine if it best suits your needs and health.